The End Is Nigh

The Lost Tribe Who Want To Stay That Way


A photographer has “found” and photographed a previously uncontacted tribe in the Amazon Forest in Brazil when his helicopter took a detour over their forest.

“I took the camera and starting shooting” said Brazilian photographer  Francisco de Orellana Edson Arantes Rivaldo Romario Ronaldo Do Mascimanto, Jr.

unnamed (2).png

In return, the tribesmen  threw spears at the helicopter because to them it signals that a tribal prophecy, handed down by generations of Shamans, may be about to come true.

In the tribe in question, the Fullonnonsense, woman wear “prophecies” in their hairstyles. Several women have coloured their hair steel grey which prophesied the safety helmeted miners who now stab the earth. Some have two tone black and white hair which foretold the many roads now traversing the Amazon forest.


Thanks to our multi-monikered Brazilian photographer a penultimate  prophecy may now come true.

“I thought it odd them throwing spears at us, but I guess they know no better. They thought we were bringing danger?”

Shamans had long prophesized that a great iron head propelled through the air by it’s own swirling locks of hair would one day circle the sky above them.

This, in turn, would lead to the ultimate prophecy of great ginger haired cougar, from the North, the coming of whom foretells the end of time.



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